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Vision and Values

At Oak Grange we want our children to have three core values that enable them to "grow".

Our core values are: Be respectful - be kind - be curious






Our  "grow" curriculum and ethos enables our children to become life long learners that will acquire; knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead a successful life.

  • Global citizens
    We will develop an eco-friendly school from day one and learn how we can look after our world locally and our environment globally.
  • Right attitudes for life
    We will develop lifelong learning skills in children and these will be nurtured through our six attitudes to learning, enabling our children to be Resilient, Reciprocal, Resourceful, Reflective, Responsible and to Remember.
  • One of a kind
    We will celebrate each child as an individual and nurture self-worth and a sense of identity.
  • Wonder and awe
    We will embrace enquiring minds, encourage curiosity, promote creativity and develop new knowledge and skills.

Oak Grange Nursery and Primary School is a place where “tiny seeds become mighty trees,” where wisdom of knowledge and of life are embedded in the roots of who we are, and who we aspire to become.

It is my privilege to welcome your child and you to our school.