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Early Years Foundation Stage

We are delighted to welcome you to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Oak Grange Primary School and Nursery. Our Team are eager to embark on this journey of education and discovery together, and we look forward to seeing your children thrive and grow under our guidance.

In our Acorn (Nursery) class, your child will be under the guidance of Mrs Lane, who is an experienced and nurturing class teacher. Assisting her is Miss A Bacon in the morning, and Miss J Bacon in the afternoon, both of whom will support your child's learning journey as our teaching assistants.

For our Willow (Reception) class, Mrs Thompson, another experienced teacher, will provide a stimulating environment where your child can thrive. 

At Oak Grange, the Foundation Stage plays a crucial role in laying the foundations for your child's long-term educational success. We believe in providing a holistic and comprehensive educational experience that will form the basis for their future learning.

Throughout the EYFS, children engage in a variety of play-based and child-initiated activities, fostering their natural curiosity and love for learning. We also incorporate more structured learning approaches, including adult-led group work, to help your child develop important skills and concepts.

Through our carefully planned topics, we aim to inspire a genuine passion for learning, allowing your child to develop their confidence and curiosity. By encouraging independent thinking and nurturing a growth mindset, we provide children with the tools they need to thrive in their educational journey.

Our dedicated and experienced Early Years team is committed to ensuring that each child is exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities. We believe in celebrating and building upon each child's unique abilities and interests, enabling them to reach their full potential.

We place great importance on forging strong partnerships between our school and parents. We recognise the vital role parents play as the first educators of your child. We encourage you to share with us your child's interests and achievements outside of school. This collaboration allows us to celebrate your child's success and tailor our teaching to their individual needs.

We are excited to welcome your child to Oak Grange and we look forward to working together to provide a nurturing and enriching educational experience for your child. We are confident that their time in the EYFS will lay a solid foundation for their future successes.