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Data Protection

At Oak Grange transparency is very important to us. We aim to be open, honest, and upfront with individuals about how we use their personal data. We believe that if individuals are well informed and know from the outset what personal data we hold about them and their child, how it will be used, for what purpose and who it may be shared with, individuals will be more confident that their personal data is being used in the right way and their privacy protected.

In order to deliver our statutory functions as a school, it is necessary for us to collect and use (or ‘process’) personal data about individuals’ including our current, past and prospective pupils and their parents, carers, guardians (referred to in the notice as ‘parents’) and any emergency contacts.

Please read the relevant privacy notice below.

Thank you.

Mrs Coleman 

Data Controller: East Midlands Education Trust

Data Protection Officer: Data Protection Education Limited

                                           Address: 1 Saltmore Farm, New Inn Road, Hinxworth, Baldock SG7 5EZ

                                          Telephone:  0800 0862018


Data Protection Lead: Mrs Sarah Coleman